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Magic Pro has recently launched Clap-Banner which is a unique, world-wide patented hand-held banner/noisemaker/fan with handles at each end. Clap-Banner is made from specially treated cardboard with pleated folds which can be printed on both sides in full colour with company texts and logos. When folded, Clap-Banner makes a loud clapping noise when folded together and tapped on your hand. 

Clap-Banner is ideal for sporting events, and has been well-received in events including Premier Football League, Cricket, Rugby and Ice Hockey sporting events.  Hold one end of the Clap-Banner with one hand, making it fan-shaped, then tap the other end against the other palm and create an amazing clapping noise - the best kind of encouragement for the fans as well as the team - it creates atmosphere as well as excitement!

Clap-Banner is an ideal advertising medium for sponsorship in big or small events.  The Clap-Banner combines fun, excitement, brand identity and more... 

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Minimum Quantity :

250 units

Leadtime :

14 days

Contact  Name:

Carolyn Israel

E-mail Address:

Telephone Number:

 + 44 (0)208 959 7552




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