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G.I. Official Military Issue Jewellery

Introducing G.I. official military issue jewellery. Official military issue jewellery is made in the U.S.A. by auro enterprises, an official government supplier.  In October 2004 the U.S. department of defence permitted civilians to obtain this unique jewellery for their own personal use.  Magic Pro are now one of the few outlets outside the United States who have been authorised to sell to the general public.

Made from non-magnetic, non-reactive 100%  #304 stainless steel and designed to be worn with personal I.D. tags. The range of items produced are official U.S. military issue and therefore permitted as it is covered under the regulations.  Each piece comes on a 24" stainless steel dog tag chain and are all market with the official 5 digit US government identification code of 3YWLO

They make the ideal gift for all ages and are suitable for all people, as the range includes Jewish, Muslim and Christian emblems. You can now identify with the thousands of military and security personnel around the world who already wear G.I. jewellery. They can either be worn on their own or as a dog tag combination. The chain supplied can be made smaller and the emblem can be removed to be place on to other items such as key chains etc.

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